Benefits of Aftercare

Successful completion of an addiction rehabilitation program is a proud achievement. However, the road to recovery does not stop at the end of care. It continues with fully embracing the benefits of aftercare services. A person stays optimistic, informed, and engaged in leading a full life.

At Lighthouse Recovery, we know this can be hard for many people. That is why our sober living facility provides support and accountability for long-term sobriety. Our individually tailored programs and resources help a person take the next step in their recovery process.

How is Aftercare Part of Addiction Care?

In general, aftercare refers to ongoing and follow-up care after an initial rehab program. Their substance abuse care does not end when they leave a rehab facility. Instead, they have access to ongoing maintenance.

Just like a person with a chronic medical illness must manage their condition, it is the same with addiction. They will need to manage and treat the disorder continuously. This is necessary to remain sober and in good health.

For a person to realize the benefits of aftercare, they need a program that addresses their situation. There are different types of programs with different requirements. For example, one may require being sober for a certain period before entering the program.

At Lighthouse Recovery, we set timelines based on the personal recovery of an individual. Within our rehab aftercare programs in Dallas, TX, we strive to create safety, support, and structure for success.

The Quality of an Aftercare Program

Regardless of the setting, methods or care provider, addiction aftercare programs share common goals. Chief among them is to prevent relapse. For many people, relapse is the biggest literal stumbling block to maintaining sobriety.

As a result, the quality of the aftercare has a strong influence on a person’s chances of remaining sober. Therefore, a plan for rehab aftercare programs in Dallas, TX should be part of comprehensive care.

From the time a person enrolls in rehab, the days following graduation play a role in their care. Their care team should help prepare them to maintain their recovery through addiction recovery support.

The benefits of aftercare deliver the right type of assistance and therapeutic support. Consequently, aftercare helps to build a solid foundation. A person leaves rehab prepared to achieve a better life filled with a sense of purpose.

Benefits of Aftercare

Sending a person home without offering a plan for post-addiction care is unfair and unrealistic. Battling such a debilitating illness like drug or alcohol addiction continues long after treatment. What is fair is giving a person the tools to help them overcome barriers to staying sober.

Moreover, the benefits of aftercare as part of comprehensive care should not be overlooked. Some advantages of participation include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group meetings
  • Recreational outings
  • Meditation sessions
  • Ongoing addiction education

Come to Lighthouse Recovery for a Stable Foundation

Although addiction to drugs or alcohol is debilitating, both are treatable diseases. While completing rehab is a major accomplishment, the work does not end with finishing rehab. Lighthouse Recovery offers the benefits of aftercare to keep you moving forward.

In essence, aftercare helps minimize the risk of returning to drugs or alcohol. We provide individualized programming at our sober living facility for an addiction-free life. With a good staff-to-resident ratio, we help you overcome with program features such as:

  • Rebuilding family systems
  • Life skills training
  • Nutritional eating
  • Extended monitoring
  • Continuity of care

Choose a recovery program that sticks with you every step of the way. Aftercare is essential to a successful recovery. Let us be the bridge that you need to live sober long after rehab. Contact us at 866.484.9168 to avoid relapse and begin a new life today.