When you or a man you love enter Lighthouse Recovery’s sober living programs in Dallas, Texas, you meet with a case manager. This term sounds legal or like something from social services. So what is a case management program, and how does this person help you meet your sober living and early recovery goals?

The addiction case management program of Lighthouse Recovery is another supportive service provided to you as you start rebuilding your life in sobriety. During this time, when every of aspect of daily life feels new again, you need supportive people around you. Below, learn a little more about what to expect from your case management program.

What is a Case Management Program?

The best path to understanding a case management program starts with understanding the role of a case manager. Who are these people and what will yours do for you?

At Lighthouse Recovery, case managers help coordinate the delivery of sober living home services, your addiction therapies, and other aspects of your recovery. Also, you possibly had a case manager or appointed counselor in rehab treatment, too.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) confirms that substance abuse treatment is complex. Treatment also takes long periods of time, with each person going through treatment involving an individualized plan of therapies, treatments, and settings. For example, your treatment journey likely took you from detox to rehab, then from rehab into sober living.

With so many steps involved in building lasting recovery, you need support in completing your journey to wellness and confident recovery. Your case manager fills this support role. They help you understand and coordinate all of the mental, physical, and behavioral health aspects of your addiction treatment.

Your case manager gets to know your individual needs and helps you plan your next steps in your recovery. He or she works like a “hub,” the point person where all of your recovery support services, off-site therapies, goals, and accountability come together.

If you need help gaining access to services in the community, your case manager can assist you. In addition, they help you coordinate your schedule, evaluate your progress, and even support you through guidance in making your early recovery decisions. The primary goals for your case management program are keeping you in your program for as long as you need these services and helping you reach your goals during that time.

Does Case Management Work?

Studies show that an addiction case management program works. Research proves people with case managers in addiction recovery stick with their programs and support services longer, enjoy recovery longer, and experience fewer relapses leading to future treatment.

It is important to remember that your treatment and recovery plans work when you meet your recovery needs. Your case manager keeps you honest in your goals, helping you stay accountable in following through on treatment needs, and resolving your problems. Your case manager also opens doors of support you otherwise overlook or never realize exist.

According to SAMHSA, your case manager meets specific goals as a minimum. These goals include:

  • Assessing your situation
  • Case planning and treatment planning
  • Referrals and links to programs and services
  • Monitoring your progress and following up with you
  • Providing advocacy and support

In sober living, your case manager helps you take your first steps back into a daily routine. As a newly sober and healthy individual, you deserve every best chance for succeeding in your recovery goals. In these efforts, your case manager and the case management program as a whole prove invaluable.

Case Management at Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas

In Dallas, your sober living experience at Lighthouse Recovery includes case management. In addition, other aspects of Lighthouse Recovery’s programs include:

  • High staff to client ratio
  • Individualized program planning
  • Some structured group meetings and outings
  • Off-site aftercare, therapy, and programs
  • Family involvement

Call Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas now at 866.484.9168 to learn more about individualized case management programs in upscale sober living homes for men. Your early recovery is key to forming your best new life beyond addiction. Your Lighthouse Recovery case manager waits to help you achieve your goals.